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Michelle is someone who represents concerned and engaged parents in the NTPSD. She understands the challenges the students face as they pursue a quality education. Bringing a diverse voice to the Board will ensure greater access for students in the district. I urge you to support Michelle Gipson. — Clifton Brown

I am absolutely thrilled to see Michelle Gipson’s campaign for the NTPS school board (5). We need school board members such as herself that represents and prioritizes the accurate needs for our students. There has been an absolute disconnect between NTPS school board leaders and the voices of NTPS students. I will always look to support candidates who are transparent in their intent serve our community, especially in regard to prioritizing the necessary support required for students and staff members in these current climates. Thank you Michelle Gipson for your service to our community! — Asuka Conyer
Student/Past candidate for NTPS board dis.3

I have worked with Michelle at the YMCA. She is strong, calm leader. She believes ALL kids need opportunity. I love working with her and can't wait to see her working on the school board. Good things will happen for everyone. Susan Herring — Susan Herring

I have really enjoyed speaking with Michelle this summer, and I am excited to have such a leader on our school board! She will be a strong advocate for students, families, and staff. As an educator in the district, I also feel that Michelle's experience as a parent of 5 former NTPS students is a huge benefit to NTPS Staff and to the Board. Having experienced the district firsthand, Michelle will lead by supporting what we do well and push us to improve where we are failing. Her experience as Operations Director of the YMCA gives her a solid understanding of the organizational issues that the Board addresses, such as budgeting, conflict resolution, hiring, and staff development. This will also be key. — Betsy Perkins
NTPS Educator

Michelle is a powerhouse for community, and an agent of change! She understands what the people need, because she is the people. We need more powerful leaders like her in our community, who are committed to constant growth, doing right by our children, and putting love into action. — dr. sarahlloyd

Friends of Michelle Gipson
1602 Alanna Dr SE, Lacey, WA 98503
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